BODY OF PROOF “Love Bites” Review

BODY OF PROOF "Love Bites" Season 2 Episode 8 – One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to procedural crime dramas is overly contrived murder scenarios. Last night, Body of Proof gave us "Love Bites," which included a death by rare African viper which resulted in complete exsanguination thanks to an experimental anti-coagulant.

I realize that it’s necessary for writers to come up with fresh, new, never-before-seen ways to kill their characters, but there’s a point when it just becomes unbelievable and all the audience can do is roll their eyes.

This week’s victim died a horrible, bloody death because she wanted to date a rich doctor rather than a man who shucks oysters in an airport restaurant. For that, she apparently deserved getting a baby viper in her shoulder bag. Jealousy is always a viable motive for murder, but that doesn’t make it any less overdone. Read More...


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