COVERT AFFAIRS “A Girl Like You” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "A Girl Like You" Season 2 Episode 13 - Eyal Levin is back this week, but the question is why? Annie is told to keep tabs on him after he impersonates a CIA agent to get close to an FBI asset, but it soon becomes clear that there’s more to Eyal’s tale of wanting to find a deep cover Mossad agent who has fallen silent.

After the asset is killed and both Annie and Eyal are taken temporarily into FBI custody, and Eyal is officially flown out of the country (except not really), Eyal tells Annie the truth. The so-called agent,Cardinal, is actually the man behind a massacre nine years ago in which Eyal’s sister, Sarah, died. Eyal got wind of his whereabouts and is here to take him out. Annie declares this a suicide mission, makes as if she’s about to have sex with him, and instead ties him to the bedposts.

Which is a good plan — until Cardinal and his men arrive to kill Eyal. By the time Annie joins in the fray, Eyal’s been shot and both he and Cardinal make for the roof. There’s a gunshot…but who’s dead?Cardinal, of course. When FBI agent Vincent turns up, Jai claims it was he who fired the fatal shots, leaving Eyal free to, well, be thrown out of the country. Again. Read More...


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