PSYCH “Shawn Interrupted” Review

PSYCH "Shawn Interrupted" Season 6 Episode 6 – In this episode Shawn acts like a crazy person. I know you’re thinking that sounds like any other episode but this time, Shawn has actually been givenpermission (and in fact encouragement) to act like a loon.

At first he goes into the place to prove that a convicted murderer is faking the fact that he’s certifiably insane, but since things are never what they seem at first, Shawn changes tactics and is soon trying to prove that the guy actually is crazy…oh and also that he’s not guilty of murder.

Tonight’s episode brought out another awesome guest star in the form of Molly Ringwald. A part of me really wanted her to be the bad guy but I can settle for her being just a little bit bad. I had my suspicions about the brother from the first scene and I was more than a tad proud of myself when I saw that I was right. Read More...


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