One Piece, Season 10 Episode 425 Review: The Strongest Man in the Prison!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

The partnership between Luffy and Buggy has been a lot of fun to watch, especially with the way Luffy is being so serious yet oblivious to what Buggy is doing in engineering his own escape. Now that he's gotten a bit of a clue about it, the pair have ended up on level two where all the wild beasts from hell reside. Luffy has further to go in order to get where Ace is an rescue him and it's definitely setting up the standard insurmountable yet surmountable obstacles he has to face.

Not surprisingly, the beasts on this level are more amusing than anything else when you get down to it and they're introduced. The first one they come across is a diminutive hippo which actually has quite the massive appetite and mass to it, much to Buggy's chagrin as half of him gets eaten up into it. Buggy's ability continues to be something that's really amusing now that I'm familiar with the vibe of the show and he actually does use it to good effect now and then while on the run. Sadly, his power doesn't seem to do him much good in facing off against the monster sized chicken, I mean the basilisk, that they go up against afterward. This is where Luffy has to step up to the plate and go into Third Gear, which is positively priceless.

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