UP ALL NIGHT “Hiring and Firing” Review

UP ALL NIGHT "Hiring and Firing" Season 1 Episode 9 – Molly Shannon stopped by Up All Night this week, playing Nancy, the world’s worst assistant in "Hiring and Firing." A genius physical comedian, she played her role to perfection, tripping over everything in sigh, having multi-tasking breakdowns, but ultimately earning herself a spot as Chris and Regan’s new babysitter.

But Molly Shannon, for all of her brilliance, was just the catalyst to the real conflict of the episode: how motherhood has changed Regan, not entirely for the better. When confronted with the fact that Nancy has to go, she tries to take charge and fire her like the old Regan never would have hesitated to do, but as soon as she finds out that Nancy is a single mother, she can’t do it.

I have to admit, for all of her craziness, Ava is right about this one. She takes a stand with Regan and, for once, she’s not in the wrong. She even goes behind Regan’s back and tries to hire a nice Indian man who probably wasn’t gay like she assumes. Read More...



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