SUBURGATORY “Sweet Sixteen” Review

SUBURGATORY "Sweet Sixteen" Season 1 Episode 7 – Turning "Sweet Sixteen" in Suburgatory isn’t about getting older or wiser…it’s all about the party. Tessa’s dreams of celebrating with pizza and movies and her actual friends gets tossed out the window at the prospect of having a massive party with her favorite obscure indy band playing just for her. Unfortunately, to get Dallas to book the band, she has to agree to let Dalia plan the party.


George can’t even help his daughter out of her latest, suburban predicament. Keeping in line with his fears about getting older, he throws out his back and ends up in the smothering care of neighbor Sheila, which resulted in a truly hilarious scene between him and Noah as he begs his friend for help, but can’t articulate thanks to pain pills left over from Sheila’s hysterectomy.

Dalia the Party Planner is as awful as you would imagine, except for the dress she picked out for Tessa. That was pretty amazing. Other than that, the whole, overblown, dentist-sponsored event was everything Tessa hated, and the people she actually wanted to party with weren’t even allowed past the bouncer at the door. She decides that no band is worth her only friends and she ditches her own party in favor of the pizza she wanted from the beginning. Read More...


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