SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC “Running the Show” Review

SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC "Running the Show" Season 23 Episode 10 – Survivor returned this week with a very sobering look at the three members of Redemption Island. It really is insane to see it, but I can’t believe that Ozzy, Keith and Jim are all on Redemption Island! As Keith so astutely put it: "I thought we were supposed to be the final three?" This is three incredibly strong competitors who just found themselves on the wrong side of a Cochran defection.

Back at the merged tribe (I refuse to say "Te Tuna"), we find out what the "Running the Show" title is all about, as we see Coach exercising his hold over his little cult. Whitney is really starting to pipe up quite a bit more, and I’m starting to like her a little since we’re seeing this new feisty side of her.

So the Redemption challenge was another Survivor retread of the contestants holding the pipes up with the backs of their hands. In a nailbiting finish, Ozzy edged out Jim and Keith to continue his dominance at Redemption Island. In a somewhat disappointing reveal, Jeff said that Jim and Keith are the first and second members of the jury! This means that we’re likely going to get a jury of nine people voting for a final three. I kind of wish that Survivor would go old school and go back to a final two. It’s been a while since we’ve had a final two, the last time being Survivor: Tocantins when we saw JT win in a unanimous vote over Stephen. Read More...


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