MODERN FAMILY “After The Fire” Review

MODERN FAMILY "After The Fire" Season 3, Episode 8 – When I’m watching Modern Family, I sometimes forget that Claire and Mitchell are brother and sister. I tend to think of them as independent heads of their own families and don’t often consider that their relationship more closely resembles the relationship that the kids have with one another than the relationship the adults have with one another.

It’s been a while since their sibling drama has been the focus of a story line and I really love the wayModern Family portrays this adult brother/sister relationship so I was happy to see it pop up again. Claire and Mitchell may be friends, but they are siblings first and her interaction with Mitchell is less controlled than her interaction with Phil, Jay or anyone else. Claire is always bossy, but she’s more methodical about her arguments with Phil and the kids. When she argues with Mitchell, she’s candid and speaks to him as if the rules are different between the two of them.

Claire’s jealousy of Mitchell and Gloria’s fun friendship was rooted in her own childhood family issues. Claire only realizes this when she falls back into her childhood pattern of going to "daddy" for comfort and decides to apologize to Mitchell – adult to adult. Of course, that’s when she finds out that Mitchell had already told Gloria everything, humiliating her. Gotta love Gloria for being brutally honest about liking Mitchell more than Claire and kind of not caring about Claire’s issues. Read More....


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