VIDEO: William Shatner Shakes Up the Team on 'Psych'

When I heard that William Shatner was going to be guesting on 'Psych,' I did a little nerd jig of joy, and not just because I'm a 'Star Trek' nut. 'Psych' is one of my turn-my-brain-off, escapist pleasures, and seeing the Shat bring his inimitable brand of ham to the proceedings sounded like an excellent idea.

The episode itself, which airs Nov. 30 and has Shatner playing Jules' con-man father, is a solidly enjoyable outing. But one question sprang to mind as I watched it: Why aren't there any 'Star Trek' shout-outs in the episode? On a show as pop-culture obsessed as 'Pysch,' not even one Tribble or red-shirt reference? What gives?

Here's what the show's creator and executive producer, Steve Franks, had to say when I asked him about that.


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