Parenthood 3.09 "Sore Loser" Review

Apologies for not getting a review out last week, guys. My laptop decided to try and stage a coup, but after a week and a half of tussling, I think I finally got it back in working order.

Some of my favorite episodes of Parenthood are structured around a central, ambiguous concept, with each of the various storylines exploring an avenue of the concept. This way of arranging/writing an episode makes things feel a little more cohesive while showing that one may not be aware of all the nooks and crannies of things like control, perception, and self-awareness, three "ideas" that the show has explored in the past.

"Sore Loser" was no different, as we got to spend 42 minutes watching the Bravermans dealing with the concept of loss through tantrums, self-reflection, and crushing realizations. It was an episode that didn't pack as much of an emotional wallop as last week's "In-Between", which made me a mess several times, but that hit on a lot of good stuff that made it a satisfying bit of TV. Read More...


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