'Survivor: South Pacific': The Cult of Coach


Can Albert wrest control of "Survivor: South Pacific" away from the Cult of Coach?Post TribalOver at Redemption, Jim, Ozzy and Keith are not pleased to be sitting where they are sitting. Jim calls it the Cult of Coach. Meanwhile, Coach is pumping up his "family" and saying guys like Jim are dangerous. So maybe Jim is not so far off. Heh.The next morning, the cult talk continues with Cochran and drinking the Coach Kool-Aid. Coach confides to Cochran that he's nervous about being blindsided by Albert. Redemption IslandIt's a strength/balance challenge and the two who lose are the first two jury members, the winner stays on Redemption. Jim is out after 10 minutes or so. Keith starts to slip and then drops, so Ozzy is still on Redemption. Jeff is happy to point out his man-crush Ozzy didn't have any support with the tribe members still in the game. Yes, yes, he's a God among...



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