'America's Next Top Model': Angelea loses her mind


We start out back from judging and the "America's Next Top Model" girls are apparently turning into catty monsters (like they haven't been already, right?). Angelea can't believe she's been in the Bottom 2 and Dominique hasn't. Lisa thinks her biggest competition is Allison - "She blinks and [the judges] freak out ... I think she looks like she's, like, dead."Nice, ladies.ChallengeThe challenge has them critiquing each other. There is not a lot of constructive criticism, mostly just random I-don't-like-this stuff, with no real reasoning behind it. BUT THEN. Miss Jay asks them to say who doesn't deserve to be there. Laura, Allison and Lisa all take the Miss Congeniality route and say there is no one who doesn't deserve to be there. Dominique then busts out that Angelea is lacking in confidence and isn't owning her all-star-ness. It's actually a nice speech about how Dominique sees potential in Angelea and thinks she can give...



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