Revenge Episode 8 Review: Dealing with the Unexpected

On Revenge, you have to admire Emily crafting a rather igneous plan.  However, her biggest flaw appeared tonight and is now poised to ruin everything.  Let’s say you were going to assume a new identity and concoct an elaborate ruse to take down a family.  Chances are you would be very selective about who you allied with, right?  Someone like Nolan seems OK, because he has resources and intelligence.  Plus, he’s rather devious.  But someone like the real Emily Thorne is basically a red flag.  She’s volatile and, frankly, creepy.  She and Tyler could probably get married and have creepy babies together.  The point is that the real Emily Thorne is a loose end that the fake Emily Thorne should never have left dangling.  Sure, it makes for interesting story twists, but anyone would tell you that the original Amanda Clarke should have either killed the original Emily or else assumed the identity of someone who was already dead. Read More...


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