South Park Season Finale Review: OMG They Killed Kenny!

The South Park season fifteen finale opened with a Cops-esque show, White Trash Trouble, in which Kenny's parents were arrested and he and his siblings were sent to foster care.

That's when we met one of the ridiculous headshot social worker.  Personally, I don't care if his jokes were merely rehashed Catholic priest jokes.  The ridiculous shots at Penn State got me every time.

Then back at school, we got another set of recycled jokes, with a series of self-inflicted yo mama jokes by Cartman when he learned he was now "The Poor Kid."  

Again, whether they were self-admittenly as old as the 1950s, they had be laughing straight until the pre-credit roll bit.

The only thing that surprisingly didn't work for me were the agnostic jokes.  Sure the bit about the Dr. Pepper was pretty funny, but the rest fell flat. Read More...


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