Law & Order: SVU Review: "Educated Guess"

What's happening to SVU? While last week's installment had some high points, I couldn't find much about this week's "Educated Guess" to be excited about. For the most part, the show lacked any suspense. By the time we met Uncle George, I'm sure most of us had him pegged as the assailant. The episode also featured a disbelieving mother character and an enabling wife, which seem pretty standard for this kind of plot.

The mediocre storyline couldn't even be helped by the guest stars. Natasha Lyonne's infamous personal problems would seem to make her the perfect choice for the role of the tortured mental patient. Gia has suffered abuse for so long, unable to talk to anyone, that her mental instability seems a natural reaction. Instead, Lyonne gives a weak caricature of a mental patient, alternately angry and cagey. There just wasn't enough to her performance to really make us connect with her. Read More...


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