The X Factor's Rock Night Hits Rock Bottom

Tonight it's rock night! But will the top 10 rock the X Factor stage? [Spoiler alert: NO.] We're down to the final 10 and things are getting intense, so let's move right along to the performances.

 Seattle-based Leroy Bell dreams that one day people will throw their underwear on stage for him, like they did for Tom Jones.  Lofty goals! He starts us off with Bob Seger's, "We've Got Tonight." He's a talented singer, sure, but something about the performance read tired to me. At one point in the competition it seemed like Leroy was a leader in the pack. But tonight, he seemed mediocre at best. And the judges (namely LA and Simon) did not hesitate to tell him so. "Nice song, good voice," says Simon. "In terms of originality? Zero. We have heard the same kind of songs four weeks in a row. Right now, you can't win this competition." To which LA says, "Agreed!"

 Simon's adoptive daughter Rachel Crow (he says "I love you" to her!) is up next. She takes on "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and it's cute and energetic but I can't help but be distracted by her atrocious outfit and the army of dancers hip-thrusting on stage behind her. Despite the various eyesores, her growing confidence is becoming more and more apparent with each performance. "It doesn't matter if you have 100 dancers. I only see you!" says Paula. Read More...


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