Recap: 'Top Chef' - 'Quinceanera'

Time for the first elimination of one of the final 16! There's been a lot of bloodletting on the show thus far, but now that that ugly business is over, we can actually get down to business (and start picking fan favorites). Plus, we now have the online part of the show kicking in, which will allow eliminated chefs to cook again in an attempt to get back onto the show. It's like "Survivor"'s Redemption Island, but with food (and lots of it). I'm interested to see how this new, possibly improved show works, even if this does mean watching even more television on my tiny computer screen. I think if nothing else, the food quality this season is going to be pretty spectacular. Whether or not it's good television, I'll reserve judgment. It's not like we get to eat any of this stuff, anyway.

Beverly posts a sign in her room proclaiming she's already won "Top Chef Texas," which is very "The Secret" of her. I'm more intrigued by Keith, who believes cooking saved his life after he got out of prison. He seems like an affable, interesting guy, which means he'll probably be going home any time now. I do have an ability to get attached to contestants right as they go flying out the door. Read More...


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