American Horror Story Review: Murder House

You might think the episode was merely a continuation of the journey we've been on with the Harmons as they live in, and fall prey to, their new life in a Los Angeles haunted house. But "Open House" shattered what remained of our ignorance of the house with glorious illumination of the birth of the mansion and some of it's inhabitants. The more we learn about the Harmons, and particularly of Ben's nefarious nature, the more we come to realize this is exactly where they are meant to be.

I never imagined Dylan McDermott's "O" face would be so unattractive. As it was happening, I chalked it up to Vivien's dream that Ben was so seen in such a poor light. The sex fantasy portion of the series hasn't been my cuppa tea, and we got a glimpse of her impregnator again, the rubber man. Ben's visit to Larry not only revealed more of his true nature, but we learned Constance is at the root of Larry's horrific burns. Read More...


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