'Happy Endings' recap: Slip of the Tongue

Who could have guessed that a week before Thanksgiving, Happy Endings would have me looking for Easter eggs? But that was precisely what happened when word got out on Wednesday that a star from Cougar Town(come back cul-de-sac crew, we miss you!) would be making a brief, blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo. I couldn't help but be in complete search mode to find who it was and where they'd be hiding. Thankfully, the hunt didn't take too long, as there was plenty of other distractions (hello, raunchy innuendos!) in the episode titled "The Code War."

In addition to small, pleasant surprises (a ha, I found you Laurie, a.k.a. Busy Philipps! You're hanging out at the outdoor coffee hut near the guys around the two-and-a-half minute mark!), there were some big revelations last night. For one, Max loved and dated another girl before Penny: His high school sweetheart Angie, whose arrival would set off a chain reaction of crazy within the gang. Penny, who already has her own patented, wonderful brand of lunacy, surprised even herself when she responded to Angie, a girl she is programmed to hate, by smothering her with instant friendship and housewarming presents. ("I just don't want her to know I hate her. So I'm going to be overly nice to her so when she starts to like me, I can hate her even more.") As a member of the lady gender, I must reluctantly admit this actually isn't all that far-fetched a kind of behavior to exhibit around your ex's other ex. But, hey, if anyone can get away with it...Penny can! (Seriously, you are missed,Cougar Town.) Read More...



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