'Revenge' recap: All These Body Doubles Are Giving Me Vertigo!

Emily Thorne is nothing at all like Emily Thorne. Emily -- our Emily, the star of Revenge, the one that used to be Amanda Clarke, the serene philanthropist orphan who is secretly the vengeful daughter of a wrongfully accused man -- is still, after eight episodes, essentially a cipher. We know she hates the Graysons, but we don't really know what she wants to do with them. (Destroy their empire? Put them on trial? Bury them alive and screaming in the catacombs underneath Sagaponack?) We don't know her true feelings about Daniel. We know she feels something for Jack, but it's not clear if it's love or just regret. Nolan is her only confidante, and with him Emily acts cold and unyielding. Is that her true self? Or is that just another character she's playing? Emily Thorne is, in a sense, the model of the contemporary workaholic, spending every waking moment focused on her bloodthirsty goal. She may not have a real personality. A good thing: It would only get in the way. Read More...



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