Criminal Minds Review: All in the Family

I don't know about you, but I'd say butterflies have never seemed creepier thanks to this week's episode of Criminal Minds. And a total cliche, and computer-generated, but mostly...creepy.

OK, those of you who have been complaining that there wasn't enough profiling this season should be happier now. You could practically hear the wheels turning in the heads of the BAU team as they pieced together this week's twisted kidnapping story. Little by little they figured out that the victim wasn't just abducted, but that she was abducted to try and reproduce another child like her own kidnapped daughter. What. The. Eff.

Even though "Hope" was rife with cliches, I still thought it was a decent episode - though there have been better this season. First of all, Garcia upped the ante on her involvement when she told Morgan he'd have to "forcibly remove her from the SUV" because she was riding along to find her friend no matter what. Aw, you tell 'em, Garcia! Read More...


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