American Horror Story Recap: How Deep Is Your Swimming Pool?

1994 was apparently a big year for murder in the American Horror Story universe. Most of us remember it as the year that Taco Bell cruelly discontinued "Extreme Nachos" and that the Eagles got back together, which I guess is enough to push anybody over the edge.

This episode's cold-murder-open is set in the same fateful year that Tate decided to dress up like Anthony Bourdain and massacre a bunch of teenager archetypes. In this flashback, Jessica Lange is back in her reverse aging makeup, which apparently is really doing it for … an as-of-yet unburned Larry!

They apparently had "a thing," which she's trying to leverage to get him to murder someone. Obviously. Constance is worried that someone is going to take her son away for neglect and tells Larry to do what's he's gotta do. Larry goes up to the attic of murder house to play with her secret son Beau, a friendly mutant who sort of looks like Mask aggressively ate a grape jelly sandwich. Wait, did I say "play with"? I meant "kill with a pillow." Aaaaand titles!  Read More...


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