Modern Family Recap: Welcome to Relaxistan

It’s always a treat when the entire Modern Family clan comes together, when the households aren’t divided by diverging plotlines and cast members get to switch up their interactions a bit. Last night’s episode was totally like that, except for one tiny element missing from the ensemble: Lily. Seriously, where has she been? Does she have some awesome new babysitter we haven’t met yet? Or was she banished once she started talking and became maybe a little less adorable than she was as a baby?

Aside from that one missing toddler, the family is all about rallying together — a recipe for plenty of misunderstandings, many long-coming revelations, and at least two stellar "Tube Dude" impressions. When the Rands, an unseen neighborhood family, lose their home and all of their possessions in a fire, Claire organizes a drive (Phil, of course, wants to call it Rand-Aid) at the Dunphy house, and the whole gang comes over to volunteer. Cam in particular is having trouble coping with the tragedy. Other people may sleepwalk, but when Cam is on certain meds Mitchell often wakes up to find Fizbo in bed with him: Cam sleep-clowns. Still, when Jay throws out his back while lifting boxes, Cam is the one who wants to pick up Jay’s truck. He drove a tractor to his high school prom ("At least something got plowed that night"), so how tough could the Pritchett Closets & Blinds truck be? Read More...


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