Survivor: South Pacific 23.10 "Running the Show" Recap

If you missed last week's episode, do yourself a favor and catch up with my recap here.

This week's edition of Survivor begins on Night 24 at Redemption Island with Jim's arrival.  The three former Savaiis laugh at the fact that they were supposed to be the Final Three.  Jim confesses that Coach is leading a cult back at Te Tuna.  Ozzy rues the fact that Coach will just bring Edna and Cochran to the end with him and win the game.

Over at the aforementioned Te Tuna, Coach says that Jim is the worst kind of guy because he has no loyalty.  Coach confides that whomever is on the bottom of the alliance needs to be kept happy so they don't revolt.  That's why he talks about loyalty so much and is always checking in with those on the bottom of the totem pole.  Whitney can't understand how all of these smart people (i.e. Sophie and Cochran) can be so stupid as to fall for Coach's lines. Read More...


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