'American Horror Story' recap: Hard Times For Hideous Men

Inside the library filled with nightmare murals, Constance Langdon schemes a dreadful plan and tries not to weep. It is 1994. It’s the same year that the one-time wannabe starlet’s son Tate went ballistic inside Westfield High School and murdered 15 classmates before committing suicide by cop. The phone is off the hook, bleating disconnection. A man hangs up the receiver and kneels at Constance’s feet. The glow of the fireplace lights up Larry Harvey’s face, not yet half-scorched from another blaze that looms in his future. The clean-cut square basks in the countenance of Constance’s blonde beauty like a film noir sap in the thrall of a femme fatale. She tells him that she’s going to be charged with criminal neglect. She tells him that her other boy is going to be put in an institution. "You know how he is," she says, "You know how he suffers so when he’s not with me."  Larry says he loves her, that he’s willing to do anything for her. "Then do it," she commands. "Like we discussed." Larry should turn away. No woman is worth this. Even Constance. Has he actually tried her cupcakes? The things we do for love, and to keep love. Forever. Read More...



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