Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 42 Review: The Signs of a Counterattack

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The forty-second episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an interesting one as it has a very different flow to it. There's a lot going on here but it's mostly subtle until the second half where it picks up in intensity. The excursion to the north has not been one of my favorite arcs of the series as it felt like there was a lot of hurry up and wait, as well as little real accomplishment to be found here. This episode doesn't really change it all that much but we do see the engines of war moving forward openly this time around and that helps to give the show a push in the right direction of overt action.

The first half is mostly about the group with Winry trying to figure out what's going on with Al as well as the research notes that Scar had brought with him. Al's freezing up necessitated the group to disassemble him so they could move him to Asbeck easily, though they haven't put him back together yet. When Al is in this mode, as we've seen him do different times before, it's almost cute since he treats it almost matter of factly. While this occurs though, May has an accident with the research notes that leads them on a new path. Marcoh's work with them has not led them to anything significant, but when it turns out that you can arrange the pages to overlap key words, it opens up some possibilities. The revelations aren't what they expect at first though but it does put them on the right path as Scar knows that his brother must have more than this when it comes to what it reveals.

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