THE MIDDLE “The Play” Review

THE MIDDLE "The Play" – Poor Sue. Tonight’s episode of The Middle provided some very interesting insight into Sue Heck. Indeed, she does have a case of the crazy eyes but to describe it as a panic attack in the eyes is a great way to describe it. Sue’s resolve to be part of any and everything has truly evolved over three seasons of The Middle. She has grown enough to understand that her persistent anxiety and awkwardness will likely not yield positive results from her countless attempts to be part of a team, club and tonight, a play. Despite the long odds, Sue has remained determined but this season we’ve seen her leverage a botched audition to get a one night only place on the cheerleading squad and to leave the tags on the random pieces of equipment she purchases to support her numerous endeavors.

Unfortunately for Sue, she managed to get kicked out of a play that keeps everyone. Even sadder, her mom is not only part of the play – she’s excelling at it. That brings us to our conflict tonight when Frankie wants to stay in the play after Sue gets the boot. Not the most compelling storyline but entertaining enough. Read More...


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