CSI “Crime After Crime” Review

CSI "Crime After Crime" Season 12 Episode 8 – I had to take some time to figure out how I feel about this week’s CSI, "Crime After Crime," beyond the knee-jerk reaction I had to it last night. I realize that after twelve years, it’s hard to come up with things that will truly shock a long-standing audience, but I can’t help but think that it’s the mark of a declining show when they start turning recurring characters into murderers.

Three seemingly unconnected murders turned out to have one thing in common: all three victims were suspected of a crime in the past, but were never brought to justice. It didn’t require a huge leap to figure out that a cop would be a likely candidate for revenge killings of this random nature. The teamquickly tracked down a retired detective, but he was in a hospice, dying of cancer, unable to have committed murder.

So, who was his able-boded accomplice? There were really only three possibilities if you go on the writing theory that the murderer must be introduced in the first or second act: Vega, Vartann or Brass. For a second, I was honestly worried about Brass. I realize now that it was foreshadowing, but Paul Guilfoyle is a good actor, maybe too good, and for a second I had my doubts. At the end of the day, though, Brass will come down on the right side of the law. The day he doesn’t is the day I stop watching. And Vartann was too obvious; he’s always been a touch on the morally ambiguous side. Read More...



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