REVENGE “Treachery” Review

REVENGE "Treachery" Season 1 Episode 8 – Revenge is such a delectable show that when it churns out an episode like this, an episode low in the plot twists and high in the melodrama, it’s hard not to feel just a little disappointed. Emily Thorne – the crazy, bashing Frank over the head with a tyre iron Emily Thorne – intrudes in a big way into Emily/Amanda’s life and it’s soon made clear that Emily/Amanda has to be rid of her. Of course the fake Emily is adverse to murder – she is truly repulsed by Frank’s death, insisting that it’s not her style – and tries to get rid of the real Emily through bribery, but it’s obvious as the episode ended that getting rid of fake Emily is not going to be nearly so easy.

There were a few interesting moments in the episode. Daniel’s got a major story arc, but it was pretty obvious it was just a way for the writers to set him up in new situations with his parents-also, they probably didn’t like the fact that they’d have to account for his lack of money. Poverty can be such an inconvenience. So Daniel asked for a job with his father, moved into Emily’s after finding out the policewere sent over to question her about Frank’s death thanks to a tip from his mother, who hired Frank to do some spot checking on Emily. Read More...


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