AMERICAN HORROR STORY "Open House" Episode 7 – This just in for the male demographic ofAMERICAN HORROR STORY never let Moira version 1.0 anywhere near your man parts. If you make her angry, it won’t end well.

In "Open House" Vivien and Ben are finally attempting to sell the house. Why they don’t just up and leave and take the loss is beyond me, especially after everything we learned this week. It’s hard tokeep track of what we as the audience are aware of and what the characters know, and as the story progresses I have to constantly remind myself that Vivien (for some odd reason) doesn’t realize she’s seeing ghosts, and Violet has no idea that Tate is dead.

That’s really the only big issue I have with American Horror Story, and that’s only because I need to pay closer attention to the story. This week the murder house sees two potential buyers: Joe, a wealthy investor that wants to level the place and build apartments, and our very own Larry. Read More...


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