Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The enemy is Goku's [older] brother?!

Last week, on April 5, 2009, Dragon Ball Kai premiered in Japan with its very first episode. This week, its second episode aired. I was a little disappointed in last week's episode, but my thoughts were different this week. The episode seemed to flow right by, and I had little to no complains about it. I can support this fact because last week I recorded about four pages of notes in my journal about the first episode; this week I only got to writing one side of one page! I really don't need to write much about the second episode, but as promised, I will write a nice review of it...

The episode began about two minutes after 9:00 AM passed in Japan. I don't now why they don't start on schedule instead of showing a bunch of commercials (one of them was shown a second time about a minute later!). Anyway, the episode began. Instead of beginning with the opening animation like I assumed, it began with the episode recap and a guess a little foreshadowing of what was yet to come in the episode. The opening started. I chowed down my dinner just before the episode really began. While I waited for the commercials to end, I noticed they used a lot of the same commercials that were displayed during last week's episode. One really got my attention, though: "Dragon Ball DS (or 'Dragon Ball: Origins' over here in the US)." Why you ask? This game came out last September. Haven't they had enough time to advertise it!?

The actual episode began. I thought they would at least have a little repeat of scenes from the last episode as they occasionally did with Z, but I guess I was wrong - they started right where they left off... the beginning of Dragon Ball, chapter 197. About three minutes or so into the episode, I realized I couldn't understand what was going on if I didn't even have a clue of what they were talking about, so I opened to the manga chapter and read along as the characters talked. As I was watching some of the scenes where Raditz talked, I noticed there was some cropping. This whole cropping situation didn't bother me last week (I didn't even notice it). I guess it was because most of the scenes in this part include only head shots of the characters. Finally, the first half of the episode finished at the end of Dragon Ball, chapter 197. The eye-catch began.

The show returned after the commercial break. This episode seemed to be going fine and I didn't feel rushed with it at all. I kind of liked how they returned with the beginning of Dragon Ball, chapter 198; or Dragon Ball Z, episode three. Raditz leaves with Gohan, Piccolo shows up, Goku and Piccolo leave to find Raditz, etc. The episode concluded with the end of Dragon Ball, chapter 199 of the manga; where Raditz tells his two enemies about the two even more powerful Saiyans. The credits appeared and then the next episode preview followed. It seems that Wasted Wisher of the Daizenshuu EX forums (who I believe works for Toei Animation) has been giving us some solid info on the episodes. He says Raditz will die by episode three and the flow of the series seems to support that.

Now for my final thoughts. What did I think of it? I liked it a lot. It didn't feel rushed, it stayed in check with the manga, and... that's it. I heard some of the BGM for the episode, and personally, it was kind of annoying to me. Who else agrees? Anyway, besides the music and the noticeable cropping - everything else about the episode was great!

With that out of the way, I guess that takes care of my review of the second episode. Anyone still interested in reading a review of the first episode, check out the latest Dragon Ball Z Universe! special. Speaking of other reviews, I will be writing reviews of each episode after they air every week. I will not be writing them as DBZU special topics, but keeping them hear in the "Featured Reviews" section. I might make a separate section on the site called "Dragon Ball Kai Corner" where all the reviews can be viewed on the same page, but we'll see... I hope you enjoyed my review of Dragon Ball Kai, episode two! Bye'cha!

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