Suburgatory 1.07 "Sweet Sixteen" Review

In a music, a mash-up consists of two (generally unalike) songs that are fused together to create a new song. Some of the best mash-ups have come from artists with the most differences in sound, especially if the mash-up creator can smooth out any of the rough edges that come from joining, say, hip hop with teen pop or indie rock with glittery dance music.

Suburgatory's latest episode, "Sweet Sixteen", can best be described as a mash-up between My Super Sweet Sixteen and Misery, as Tessa's plans for a quiet night in are derailed by her favorite band and George injures his back, allowing Sheila Shay to swoop in like a vulture in a sweatervest and "help him". While it was an improvement over last week's "Charity Case", the first time the show's broadness/energy was a detriment rather than an asset, "Sweet Sixteen" wasn't a step back up to the heights of the show's first couple of episodes, partially due to said mash-up of homages. Instead of being quirky and clever, the show felt more tonally disjointed and the shifts between Tessa drowning in Tessa-tinis and George taking old hysterectomy medication weren't as smooth as they could have been. I understand where they were going for with having these two plots together, as it set up a rather heartfelt final scene, but it was too much of a leap to cast Sheila as a killer and captor of all sick men in Chatswin. She's a lonely control freak with a strained relationship with her daughter, but the whole "she killed old man Tom" joke from Dallas (that George took seriously) was a little too sitcom-y "what a wacky misunderstanding!" for me. Read More...


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