THE X FACTOR “Top 10 Results” Episode 16 Review

THE X FACTOR "Top 10 Results" Episode 16 – Even as badly as Lakoda Rayne performed yesterday, I was pretty sure Paula would be spared the chance that she would be effectively booted from the show after three short weeks. And Stacy Francis was so bad I pretty much willed her into the bottom two. But that still left one person remaining left to join her.

All I can say is… wow.

Here’s the thing: yesterday in my review of the top 10 performers, I pretty much called for Stacy Francis’s ouster. Multiple sub-par weeks in a row just screamed it, especially when there are so many more gifted vocalists on The X Factor. Francis has stayed alive through the grace of her "I don’t want to die with this music in me" plea to Simon when she auditioned.

She won some hearts, and it pushed her past other (seemingly more deserving) artists. But she’s been a wreck onstage. Off key, off pitch, and just plain uncomfortable to listen to. So I made my case yesterday. America, it seemed, agreed with me. Read More....


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