THE OFFICE “Gettysburg” Review

THE OFFICE "Gettysburg" Season 8, Episode 8 – I’ve been pretty positive about most episodes of TheOffice this season. Although they’re still trying to get out from under the shadow left by Steve Carell, I’ve mostly enjoyed what we’ve seen thus far. For me, this was the first episode of the season that was a complete disappointment.

Every story line felt like a b-story. It was a mishmash of subplots that couldn’t be used in other episodes. Based on the title of the episode, Andy’s office field trip was supposed to be the primary story line. His corporate retreat to Gettysburg turned out to be an utter failure among the staff that opted to go, and it was pretty much a failure as a plot.

I really like Andy as the Regional Manager, but the plots revolving around his developing managerial style and related insecurities are getting kind of old. I’m ready for The Office to accept Andy in his position and just move on. It should be business as usual by now. Andy is in that front office, we get it. I’m hoping that Jim telling Andy that the staff liked him as the Regional Manager and that he didn’t need to keep trying so hard was a signal to the viewer that this was the end of the "new manager" story lines. Read More...


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