'The Walking Dead' sneak peek: Shane's strategy backfires -- or does it?

The nice thing about a zombie-pocalypse is that it really frees up time for hobbies. Target practice, for instance. On Sunday's (Nov. 20) "The Walking Dead," the gang breaks out the arsenal for a little lesson in gunplay. Andrea (Laurie Holden), who turns out to be a crackerjack shot (hey, she nailed Daryl from at least 100 yards away last week), hangs around for a little advanced training from Shane (Jon Bernthal). She's having a little trouble, though, hitting a moving target -- not a zombie, just a log hanging from a tree."That's the walker who got Amy, now you shoot that son of a b****," says Shane, by way of motivation. He's referring, of course, to Andrea's younger sister, who bit it -- or, rather, was bit -- in season 1. Andrea ended up having to shoot her in the head at close range. Shane's strategy backfires. But we're sensing a certain "tension" here....



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