'American Horror Story's' Denis O'Hare on Larry's 'obsession' with Constance


Denis O'Hare has recently been getting a lot of screentime on "American Horror Story." His character Larry was disfigured in a fire, started by his wife Lorraine when Larry revealed his love for the neighbor, Constance. O'Hare speaks to this love, as more of an obsession than anything."It's an obsession. She is an incredibly vital, attractive woman who exerts an incredible pull on Larry, who is an ordinary guy," says O'Hare. "He has given up everything for her and when you give up everything, it's hard to go backwards. For him to decide to, or I suppose, fall out of love with her would be very, very difficult.""He paid a massive price and to admit that price is not worth it, that would be devastating," O'Hare continues. "That being said, in the upcoming episodes, we do see that he begins to evolve in his relationship with her."O'Hare also admits to having no idea that Larry's...



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