The Big Bang Theory Review: Sheldon Gets a Girlfriend!

All the Amy haters are probably not too happy with "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition." From the previews, I was looking forward to the Sheldon and Penny interaction, but unfortunately it was quite brief.

Over the last few episodes, it's become clear that Sheldon and Amy were not emotionally or physically maturing at the same pace in their relationship. When they first met, Amy was as relationship-challenged as Sheldon. However, through her friendship with Penny, Amy's becoming more socialized.

Sheldon is... Sheldon. Despite some personal growth, he is fundamentally still the same. He has his quirks, rules, and personal boundaries that may at times be stretched, but aren't going to change. Unless it's about Facebook, it seems. His friending Stuart to get the scoop on his date with Amy was surprising, but brilliant. I loved that he unfriended Raj, Howard and Leonard with each of their comments. Read More...


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