Community Review: Prisoners of Dean-sanity

Simply put, I thought that Greendale commercial from the 1990s was ah-mazing, but I guess the administration disagreed. One thing we can all agree on is that "Documentary Filmmaking" showed us a side of Dean Pelton that we haven't yet experienced on Community.

The Dean is normally hilarious, but he veered into crazy Chang territory this week. Too much Pelton and not enough group! None of that really mattered, though, because I have two words for you and, no, they're not bald cap. Luis. Guzman.

Guzman was the best use of a guest star I've seen in forever. He adds a touch of hilarity to everything he works on, even back in the days of Boogie Nights. Hey, he didn't even need the porno story flick to get laid because he had Greendale! If only everyone appreciated the Human Beings the way he did. Read More...


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