Dragon Ball Kai Season 1 Episode 03 Review: Goku and Piccolo, the ultimate tag-team!

The following is a page full of Dragon Ball Kai episode reviews. I've decided to open this page to celebrate the current run of the series. Here you can read the many reviews I've written about the episodes, and even some from guest writers! At the moment, the page is going through temperate changes until I am (eventually) fully satisfied with its content and appearance. Check back every Wednesday for a review on the latest Dragon Ball Kai episode and more! Enjoy!

It's been three weeks since the show began airing and each episode so far has had its big ups and its crazy downs. The third episode followed this pattern, of course... On April 19, 2009, this episode aired and I had a lot of things to say about it. I didn't actually get to see it until the next day as I missed the airing, but a friend of mine noted all the Dragon Ball commercials that popped up so expect to see that and more in the episode page and a saw the episode later on YouTube! Anyway, the episode began with the preview (just like last week), but with no background. I particularly liked that preview as we got to learn more about Goku and Piccolo, but I guess there wasn't any back-story to include this episode.

Once again, the episode began right where it left off last week - at the end of a chapter in the manga. I like the way they do this as it shows their trying to show consistency and true-ness to the manga (although at first I thought they were rushing it even with only two chapters together). This episode included about five chapters of manga, but it didn't feel rushed. I liked how they did this. Anyway, let's continue with the episode....

I don't want to give too much away so I'm just going to include only my general thoughts of the entire episode. The cropping and all wasn't that noticeable, the music was an improvement from last week's (I'm getting adjusted to it), but one thing that made all these things seem unimportant was the censoring. I know they're trying to keep it clean - no more winkies on the show, etc. But what's with the loss of blood!? All through the episode you can see blood removed or covered up! Even the wholes in Goku and Raditz' chest have been blurred so it only looks like a big scar.

Besides that one problem with censoring, the episode was great. I liked how they "fixed" up Vegeta's original armor and changed the colors so they would match up with his later blue and yellow colors. I also liked how they are shortening the battles so they can closely stay in flow with the manga. Overall, I liked the episode more than the first and second. It keeps getting better and better! I give it four stars out of five. Well, that ends my brief review of the episode! I'll try to have a guest writer in for an interview and/or review of the episode for next week's episode! Hope you enjoyed reading, bye'cha!

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