'The Office' recap: Battle for a Laugh

A trip or change of scenery can inspire brand-new life-changing adventures. Or, at the very least, it's a way to kill a workday.

I hoped you recently brushed up on your Civil War history, because last night Andy felt morale was low, and also, he wanted to be an inspiring leader. Solution? Field trip to Gettysburg (home of the northern-most battle of the Civil War), conveniently located in good ol’ PA, same as Dunder Mifflin. He rented a bus (much like Michael did in "Beach Games") and they were off to see some history -- complete with matching neon pink hats that read: "DM does GB," which Jim was pretty sure meant something sexual. Oh, and Andy brought free low-sugar lunches!

The bus trip to Gettysburg was pretty funny. Andy wanted to talk strategy -- "a little foreplay before we do it" -- but Darryl had a Limitless DVD, which everyone was much more enthusiastic about. (A joke that made me laugh way more than it should. Excellent timing, Office scribes: How did you know Bradley Cooper would be named People’s Sexiest Man Alive this week?) Read More...



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