The Mentalist Review: Who Can Make Kimball Cho Smile?

There were plenty of things to like in tonight's The Mentalist but there was one thing that made me sit up and take notice. Kimball Cho smiled.

"Pink Tops" started off with the death of an undercover cop. I was surprised to find out she was a cop. Was she glued into that dress? And no offense to Jane's undergarment expertise but I've never seen a sports bra push up quite that high.

When they pulled the condoms from Yolie's clothes, I began to wonder if she was having an affair. Using the condoms to waterproof drug samples while undercover made a lot of sense but if Yolie was carrying those condoms home, wouldn't she have mentioned that explanation to her husband?

I enjoyed the small scene in the beginning where Jane mentions the amount of rest Lisbon has gotten, or hasn't from the sound of it. It was a nice reminder that there's a universe we don't always get to see. One where these partners work late hours and know one another's sleep patterns. Read More...


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