Freedom Part 2 Review

As the fourth episode ended, Takeru and Biz had made their way to Earth and found it perfectly livable, though bereft of much life. They had made their way to Florida where they found the girl in the photograph -Ao- and Takeru found himself just as smitten in person as he was with the picture.

Now, with the knowledge that Earth is not only habitable, but that there are still people living on it, Takeru is determined to return to EDEN with the truth. With the help of some locals, Takeru, Biz, and Ao set about to rebuild an old rocket with which to go back. Having found somebody to care for on Earth, Biz decides he has no desire to return to EDEN, but Ao volunteers to journey with Takeru as she has long been fascinated with space.

Unfortunately, they find the reception from EDEN rather frosty as they are immediately arrested upon arriving at the moon. It is soon all too clear that the council is attempting to keep the realities about Earth a secret from the populace, and Takeru decides that the people must be made aware, no matter what. But in his way is his oldest friend, Kazuma, who has joined the council in Takeru's absence.

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