The X Factor Recap: Simon Goes In

WELL. There were only about four minutes of show in tonight’s show, but oh my goodness were they tense. But let’s start from the very beginning, a very clunky place to start. The group number is Queen’s "We Will Rock You," during which Leroy completely forgets to sing his part, Astro does the rap breakdown (which is already getting a little tiresome), and the Jumbotrons flash "WWRY" because the kids can’t relate if it’s not in text speak. It is total filler, and Steve Jones reacts to it thusly: "Yes, yes, yes! Rock us, didn’t they just!?" ‘Ello, guv’nah! Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em! Loo!

Through the entire number, and in fact the whole rest of the show, Chris Rene does not take off his sunglasses. Chris Rene is new to sobriety and perhaps has not learned that recovering drug addicts who don’t take off their sunglasses are immediately suspect. Read More...


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