The Office Recap: The Battle of Schrute Farm

The plus side of Michael Scott’s departure is an abundance of screen time for an ensemble that proved itself with some of the funnier C-stories in the last decade. The eighth season has, for the most part, met our expectations, fleshing out these people that were, for nearly seven years, walking punch lines. No episode has done the ensemble work better than "Gettysburg," a kind of sitcom buffet, its many stories giving the audience a small taste of every personality.

That isn’t to say every character has been fleshed out well. This week Andy does his Michael Scott impression, cooking up a high premise field trip to inspire productivity. Work is like a battle, he says — and he half believes it. So to Gettysburg the willing members of the office go, pulling on the hot pink hats Andy custom ordered and filling into the tour bus Andy contracted for the day. Before they even hit the highway, trouble strikes. Andy wants to watch Ken Burns. Daryl has Limitless. "Or as they call it in France, The Man With Many Capabilities." One of many funny lines from Gabe. (Yes, Gabe! Finally!) Read More...


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