BURN NOTICE “Necessary Evil” Season 5 Episode 15 Review

BURN NOTICE "Necessary Evil" Season 5 Episode 15 – In this episode, Michael has to take a slight step back when Pearce asks him to run an op with Sam and Jesse as his crew. It’s supposed to be pretty straightforward but when the guys realize they are dealing not with a traitor but a kidnapping, things get as complicated as they always do. Especially after the kidnappers decide to keep Jesse as well.

This leaves Michael stuck on the outside and trying to handle multiple problems at once – in other words, business as usual. Not only does he have to figure out how to save Jesse, Reznik, Sam and Reznik’s daughter, he’s also got another big issue on his plate. He and Fi discover that Anson is using Maddie’s boyfriend to spy on Michael and his friends. Read More...



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