BONES “The Prince in the Plastic” Review

BONES "The Prince in the Plastic" Season 7 Episode 3 – You know, I’ve been sort of casually wondering to myself what was going to happen when Bones (and Emily) went on maternity leave and I think I got my answer in this episode. I was a little puzzled at first when Sweets kept trying so hard toget a gun, I mean I liked the idea but I couldn’t imagine why he would really need it. Then of course it hit me – Sweets is obviously going to be Booth’s new partner.

I hope I’m right because once it hit me, I started warming to the idea a lot. In a way, Sweets is sort of like Bones and I think he will play off of Booth really well in the field. I’m excited to see them working together.

As for Bones, she has another mommy-to-be struggle to overcome in this one. No, not the size of her stomach or the fact that she can no longer get up out of tiny little chairs. This time it’s about play and the fact that her own rather rigid childhood (it may have been her own choice but it was still rigid), could make it hard for her to connect with her baby. But after a chat with Angela and a trip to the toy store along with baby Michael, Brennan discovers her inner child and proves that she can play when she wants to. Read More...


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