It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia "How Mac Got Fat" – We finally got insight into one of this season’s most pressing questions – how exactly did Mac get fat?!? It begins with the spoils ofsuccess and fireworks. The world of Sunny has truly been turned on its head when Frank devises a plan that actually makes something safer. Ironically, the gang’s success seems to have set them on a rapid downward spiral.

We got a nice flashback to a formerly fit Mac but I’m extremely disappointed that he did not have on a sleeveless tee shirt. The revelation of how Mac got fat actually just led to more questions. For example, we learned that the gang hit the tipping point – but how exactly did that happen?

In past season’s of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the bar’s success has always been a fleeting part of some strange scheme, such as when the gang decided to make Paddy’s a gay bar. Read More...


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Nov 20, 2011 9:41PM EST

This episode as a whole feels like an explanation and an apology for the rest of the season. The big success of the bar is comparable to success of Its always Sunny, and all of sudden they were trying to keep that success going in the seventh season by focusing too much on individual characters and what makes them funny. Anyone else think the seventh season has been average so far? change in format? Pretty much since mac got fat its been on the downward slope (they tipped). Anyway this episode feels like it is explaining what went wrong in the seventh season and that they forgot what made the show(or bar in the episode) great to start with. Hopefully this episode is signalling a return to good old pre-season 7 Sunny with a skinny Mac and good story lines instead of the character, joke, argument focus that has been season 7 so far. This is the best episode in season 7 easily and one of the funniest in a long time. Mac and Charlie getting high is one of the funniest scenes of all time. I give it 4/5 tins of glue.

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