Jack and Jill - Review

FAMILY FEUD Adam Sandler and... Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill

The other day I passed a subway poster for Adam Sandler's new comedy Jack and Jill with ''NOT FUNNY'' scrawled across Sandler's forehead. If the citizen-critic was referring to the saturation-carpet-bomb movie trailer that has been scarring our eyeballs for the past few weeks, then, like, right on: That thing is painful.

But if the comment was just generally lobbed in the direction of Sandler's head, then a clarification is in order. Adam Sandler is obviously funny to his audience, his base, his peeps who know what to expect from an Adam Sandler comedy. Am I right? Anybody? Some of his movies are mushy and others more sour. Some are more blithely gross, others tilted more towards anger. Often they're built around a core of male childishness and usually they end up cuddled in a soft heap of family values. But in one form or another, you get exactly what you pay for at an Adam Sandler comedy. Otherwise the man wouldn't have earned zillions. Read More...



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