FRINGE “Wallflower” Review

FRINGE "Wallflower" Review Season 4 Episode 7 – This is the last episode of FRINGE this fall, but it’s not the real Fall Finale. Wait, before you check to see if there are blimps flying outside or the Statue of Liberty is bronzed, there is a logical explanation for this later in the review. "Wallflower" is a solid episode with excellent story elements and an ending that will leave you wishing that January was not so far away (or that the Rangers had taken care of business in Game 6).

The episode starts with the Fringe team looking into a case where the body of a murder victim turns pale white and the only lead is possibly a ghost. Their main suspect was reported to have died as a child more than twenty years ago from an unknown genetic disorder. Soon the truth comes out, that the child was taken by Massive Dynamic to perform experiments on his genetic disorder, which lets him blend into his surroundings like a chameleon, but escaped during a lab fire. Walter figures that the suspect, named Eugene, kills in order to perform a treatment to undo his chameleon abilities, but succeeding would likely kill him. Read More...


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