SUPERNATURAL “How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters” Review

SUPERNATURAL "How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters" Season 7 Episode 9 – Well gang, here’s another episode that completely threw me for a loop. Going by the promo pics and the previews, I was all set to watch Dean, Sam and Bobby hang out in the woods for 40 minutes and hunt down a single monster. I thought we’d get a campfire, more stories about the boys when they were kids – the whole nine yards. I seriously could not have been more wrong if I’d tried. Talk about going in a completely different direction.

First up the monster the guys are hunting turns out not to be a monster at all, at least not by their definition. It’s just a wacked-out human who’s been fed meat that makes some people dopey (ex: Dean) but causes a small percentage of them to go cannibalistic. Turns out the Leviathans are behind it all, doing experiments on people so that they can turn humans into fat, complaisant slobs they can snack on with ease. Read More...


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